How to choose the right suburb for you?

 Melbourne's Amazing Beach Huts

Melbourne's Amazing Beach Huts

Choosing the right suburb is just as important as picking the right house. The right suburb ensures your surroundings cater to your needs and what you require is on your doorstep, or not far away.

To pick the right suburb for you, you need to:

  • List your priorities: Sitting down and writing down your priorities for yourself and your partner can ensure that you pick the right area. If open spaces and parks are important then the suburbs may be more appropriate, if a fast paced and smaller residence is required than an inner city pad might be better

  • Pick your culture: Neighbourhoods can feature some great cultural amenities such as clubs, bars and more importantly prospective companions. Living in an area that caters to your demographic is essential, generally the closer to the CBD the faster the lifestyle, and the further away, the more restrained.

  • Envision where you see yourself long term: Moving can be a big decision, so thinking about the future is essential. Ideas such as if your family will stay the same size and if it caters to your needs in 6-12 months from now are good questions to ask.

You can read more about suburb reviews by going to and clicking the Suburb Reviews button. From there, type the suburb you want to review to read reviews by agents and consumers

Thinking about these questions and doing some planning can help you prepare to move in to the correct suburb for you at that time of your life. Remember that your needs will change, and so will suburbs, so update your suburb accordingly.