Using home utensils to do so much more than what you thought you could.

Everyday you must come across things in your house that you wonder if there is any use for them. We have highlighted some of the best innovative tricks to get the most out of your everyday goods. It's always good to keep in mind that every item can always be used in a multitude of different ways. 

1. Paper Clips: Paper Clips can be a great tool to keep cords together. Using paperclips at the end of the desk and feeding the cords through the silver arms can be a great way to ensure cords don’t get tangled or fall down from heights.

2. Aluminium in the drier:  Whilst it has been said it may not be safe to put it in the dryer we have found this to be a great tool to save on buying those expensive drying sheets. Aluminium can reduce static in the dryer and be a great alternative to current options.

3. Use a stapler to separate: If you get a stapler and slide it between the key ring it can open it up and make it easy to slide a second key on. No need to hurt those fingernails anymore

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