Tips for Stress-Free Moving

Whether you are moving across town or relocating across country, moving is a stressful time, even under the best of circumstances. You need a concrete plan in place, if you expect to pack up your household, prepare your family and orchestrate the many services involved in a move. 

Preparation Is the Key

It is easier to avoid pitfalls in moving if you put more time into your preparation. Creating a moving file, on paper or on your computer, will give you a place to store related paperwork or scanned documents. 

Some of the paperwork involved in moving includes:

  • Lists of things to take or leave
  • Notes on moving companies and quotes
  • A packing list
  • A timeline and calendar to get things done on time
  • Contact information for your mover, realtor, utilities, etc

Keeping this file with you will allow you to add new paperwork as you receive it. 

Pick a central spot to be your designated packing area. This is a place to keep box cutters, boxes, labels, markers, tape, scissors and packing materials. 

Involve Your Children

Involve your kids in the move. Have them pack their personal travel bags with pajamas, toiletries, and several days of clothes. If younger children have favourite toys that comfort them, have them bring them along in the car, to make the trip less stressful for them, and for you. 

 Having everyone in your family involved can make the process of moving that much easier and more enjoyable. 

Having everyone in your family involved can make the process of moving that much easier and more enjoyable. 

Set up Household Projects

Purge your belongings and those of your family before you begin packing. Don’t dump drawers into boxes, even though that is faster. Go through everything and sort it, getting rid of anything you don’t need. 

The things you have should only be moved if you will need them at your new house. Be ruthless, if you can, so that you won’t move anything you don’t have to move. Your movers are being paid by how much “stuff” you have, and if you can purge a lot, the move will be less expensive. 

Keep a Packing List

Write numbers on boxes as you pack them, and then note the number, contents and what room the box goes to, on your master list. Be sure the box is numbered on four sides, so you can see it regardless of how it is stacked in the truck.  

You probably have a vine-like group of cables for your computer, TV and other electronics. Make tags from masking tape and write what each cable is for, to make it easier to set up at your new home. 

Pack your legal documents and jewellery in a box that is not marked. Keep this box in your car, rather than allowing it to be loaded into the moving truck. 

Plan Ahead for Moving Day

Make a box of essentials you need on moving day. This will also be kept in your car. Include in your box these essentials:

  • Supplies for boxes that may open en route
  • Your moving master file
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Extra clothing 
  • Extra batteries for your electronics
  • Linens for beds
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Healthy snacks and water
  • A tool kit
  • A first aid kit
  • Pet foods, pet bed, leash and bowls

Whilst moving can be stressful, it can also be a great way to get rid of clutter and bond with your family. Taking a few proactive steps can ensure you are well organised and that you avoid as much drama as possible. 

If you are looking for more moving tips or have any tips to suggest feel free to add them to our discussion on "How to make moving easier" here

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