Top Five Homebuyer Turnoffs

Real estate agents do more than assist their clients with selling or buying details. Open for inspections are an important part of learning valuable information about the houses buyers are looking for. Agents know the market in their area, giving their clients valuable services. 

These agents have probably taken clients on inspections of hundreds of houses. Real estate agents cringe inwardly when a homeowner commits one of the top five homebuyer turnoffs.

They are listed below. 

  • Baby Supplies and Toys

It can be challenging to sell a home if you have children, especially if they are young. Buyers realise that it’s hard to keep a house with kids in perfect order, but they shouldn’t see baby clothes or toys spread around the house. 

Use a large closet or toy chest to store the toys and clothes your children have left lying around. Baby bottles or breast milk on countertops are definite no-no’s. This makes the home seem less sanitary and clean. Allow yourself plenty of time to store your baby things away. 

  • Pets and Their Things

Pets bring much joy into your home. This does not mean your buyer will look kindly on a smelly litter box. Likewise, your dog’s chew toys should not be laying around for potential homebuyers to trip over.

If you are selling your home, no one should be able to tell that you have a pet. Buyers may be allergic, or they may simply not like the idea of living in a house where there has been a pet. Put your pet’s bowls, toys and other things away before the house is shown.  

  Having dirty pets and their toys lying around can make a house look untidy and turn buyers off. 

Having dirty pets and their toys lying around can make a house look untidy and turn buyers off. 

  • Dirty Dishes and Cluttered Countertops

Bathrooms and kitchens are important selling points for any home. Many people spend a good deal of time cooking and visiting in the kitchen. Buyers should be able to see themselves spending time in your kitchen. 

If your kitchen countertops are crowded with a toaster, coffee maker and blender, it will make it look like you don’t have enough space on the counters or in the kitchen cabinets. Put away all your dishes and clear off the countertops before your home is shown. 

  • Toilet Seat and Toilet

If a serious potential buyer inspects your home and loves the kitchen and living room, they are likely feeling positive about buying your house. However, if they enter a bathroom and find the toilet not cleaned, this will scare off people who might otherwise be seriously considering purchasing your house. Having unclean items can make the prospect think that if this is filthy, what else in the house could also be dirty. 

  • Toiletries and Personal Items

You have clean kitchen countertops, so give your bathroom the same cleaning. Put away prescription bottles, dirty towels and toothbrushes, and clean toothpaste off your sink. Buyers need to feel clean in your bathroom. They don’t want to be reminded that they will have a bathroom that has been over-used. 

There are not many sellers who make these mistakes in their homes, but they are good things to keep in mind. Taking care of these areas in your home can make the difference between a good offer and no offer. It is also a good idea to give it a once over clean by yourself and possibly employ a cleaner to assist you for the final touches. For the difference of $50 you can give an entirely different image of your home and gain thousands more at auction. 

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