What Makes Australia a Great Place to Live? The unique Australian Wildlife

Australia has some of the most unique animals in the world, and you can quite literally spend hours watching them and learning about their habits. The wildlife of Australia includes 50 marine animals, 140 snakes, 300 lizards, 4000 fish, 800 bird species and over 375 mammal species. Let’s not leave out those wonderful marsupials, like kangaroos. They are perhaps the most beloved animals in the country, unless koalas hold that place. 

Animals Unique to Australia

Over 80% of the plants and animals in Australia are unique to the nation. In addition to the koala and kangaroo, favorites include wombats, wallabies, platypuses and dingoes. 

It is sometimes difficult to spot Australia’s animals in wild habitats. If you don’t have a lot of time to explore, visit a wildlife park or a zoo. They include the Australia Zoo in Queensland, the Cleland Wildlife Park in South Australia, The Healesville Sanctuary in Victoria, Port Douglas’ Rainforest Habitat and the Taronga Zoo in Sydney. You can find out locals favourites in this 

 Australia is home to thousands of unique animals and reptiles, due to its diverse landscape. 

Australia is home to thousands of unique animals and reptiles, due to its diverse landscape. 

Australian Mammals

There are no large predators in Australia, so the dingo, which is a wild dog, is their largest mammal that is carnivorous. Two other unique carnivores include the Tasmanian Devil and Numbat. These are no larger than typical housecats. 


This category includes some of the most beloved animals in Australia, like wombats, koalas, wallabies and kangaroos. There are 55 native species of wallabies and kangaroos alone. They vary in size quite a bit, from one half kilogram to 90 kilograms. Wallabies are generally smaller than kangaroos.

Kangaroos are easy to spot in the wild, since the population of kangaroos is 30-60 million. 

Koalas are always favourites, but they are not bears. They are found all along the eastern coast of Australia. They can be observed in many sanctuaries and wildlife parts, and especially in the wild in Western Australia’s Yanchep National Park (read more about Yanchep here) and on Phillip Island in Victoria. 


These are stout little animals noted for their burrowing abilities. They may weigh up to about 36 kilograms. They are not often spotted in the wild, but you can see them in national parks.  

Egg-Laying Mammals

These animals are found only in Australia and include the platypus. This interesting animal has webbed feet, a furry body that is waterproof and a bill similar to that of a duck. They live in burrows dug into riverbanks. Platypuses are very shy, but can be seen in national parks and nature reserves near Canberra, in Great Otway National Park in Victoria and in the northern areas of Queensland and New South Wales. 

Australian Birds

Roughly half of the 800-plus bird species in Australia are not found anywhere else. They range from the flightless emu, which are almost two metres tall, to tiny honeyeaters. Emus can be seen in the wild in areas of savannah woodlands and grasslands. 

Many seabirds and water birds make their home in Australia. Some include currawongs, lyrebirds, kookaburras, fairy penguins and black swans. If you want to penguin watch, try Victoria’s Philip Island and South Australia’s Kangaroo Island. 

If you want to know about more unique animals to Australia, feel free to ask a question here, where locals and real estate agents can give their opinions. 

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