The most awkward homes..... Ever!

We have been receiving requests to highlight some of the most awkward homes around the world. Today we have collected some of the most bizarre and awkward homes, we hope you have a good laugh. 

1. The family that loved shoes so much they built their house like one. 


2. The house that channeled a space ship and nearly launched! 

Balancing Barn Home in Suffolk, UK.jpg

3. The house that looks like it is from Goldilocks and the three bears.

Gingerbread House. Orlando. Florida. The USA..jpg

4. We understand a lot of people love their pets, but to build a house like a dog?

Sheep Dog House,New Zeland.jpg

5. The house that is supportive of the cows.


We love seeing some things that stand out in property, so if you find anything you think we should share feel free to tweet us here