Live like a hipster where the hipsters live

Hipsters have taken on a culture of their own. You can find hipsters all around Australia, but we thought we would present the hipster groups of Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. Have a read of the top hipster destinations:

1. Melbourne: Richmond, St. Kilda, Fitzroy

Melbourne has an abundance of hipster hubs, generally close to the CBD, the Melbourne scene has been known for its fashion, differing opinions and alternative look. Read a review of Richmond as a hipster paradise. 

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2. Sydney-  Bondi, Rozelle, Bateau Bay

Sydney has been known around the world for its hipster demographic. With an abundance of hipsters, it's hard to go past Bondi as the prime destination for hipsters, with a lifestyle of being care free and easy going, these three suburbs are a hipsters dream. Even though hipster destinations aren't known as family hangouts, there are some people who choose to raise their family there. Read this review from Rozelle.

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For those not exactly sure what a hipster is, try watching the video below. 

3. Perth: Tapping, Bassenden, East Victoria Park

Due to the warm climates that Perth offers, it's no surprise to find hipsters all around the state. In saying that, the three suburbs above have been mentioned as great places to hang out with local hipsters and fit in if you are looking for that environment.

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