The 5 most proven ways to increase your house's value

Selling a home is something you won't do to often, however when you do undertake it, you will be up against many other sellers wanting the best value for their home. How can you overcome the competition? Here are 10 ways to increase your homes value.

1. Simply- Paint: Before you go an knock walls down and change things drastically, think about a coat of paint the exterior. Painting the exterior will ensure from a street perspective that you gain more interest and the house looks new.

2. Change the Windows and Doors: Simple interior changes such as windows and doors can add huge value. This will improve the visualisation potential for prospective buyers with the possibility of them to see what their home could look like.

3. Do basic Landscaping: The first thing consumers see when looking at a home is the front door and garden. If you can captivate them here, you will at least get them through the door, ensure you do this to then at least have them interested in the home. Read about our landscaping tips here 

4. Amend the kitchen, if required: One of the most common actions people take it to go and throw a lot of money at a new kitchen in the hope it will entice buyers. Be cautious because you may have people worried that they now need to pay for your premium work. Having the amenities up to a basic standard is suggested. 

5. Thorough Cleaning: People need to be able to imagine themselves living in your house, therefore it's essential the house lives up to their cleanliness standards. Having the house cleaned from top to bottom, removing dust, cobwebs, and anything else that could put off a buyer is essential to make sure you don't lose tens of thousands of dollars because of a few hours of cleaning. 

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