Are you single with a bit of cash?? Then these suburbs may be for you!

One of the best features that Homely offers is all of the ratings and reviews from users and agents. We aggregate the reviews to present information on liveability and what suburbs may be best for you. Today we are showcasing the best suburbs for singles with a bit of cash in Melbourne.

1. Richmond

Richmond has been touted as the best suburb for singles with cash. The reason being? It is Close to everything! One of the best features that Richmond offers is its proximity and public transport!! It is a really busy & bustling area where lots of young professionals and students are based.  With a strong focus on cafe culture, there are great restaurants and cafes in the area. Richmond is also ideal if you're a coffee lover. You don't have to go far for a good coffee or a fun night out! Bridge Road is a great location for shopping, and for singles wanting to get out and meet people, you are in the hub of Melbourne's business. Other great attributes are its closeness to the botanic gardens and all of Melbourne's sporting venues. It's also a fantastic place to live if you like the footy! It's definitely not for those wanting peace and quiet. There is always something going on. It's a good option if you have cash and want to be amongst a fast moving seen. 

 A cute little home located at 34 Bowen Street, Richmond. 

A cute little home located at 34 Bowen Street, Richmond. 

2. Elwood

Elwood, whilst a completely different proposition to Richmond, proves to be a great place to set up if you're single with a bit of money. The attractions of the Elwood lifestyle are its proximity to the beach and great options for cafes and restaurants. People who live here mention that it's nice to be amongst quiet leafy green streets but still close to the city. There are beautiful tree lined streets, and has a canal running through it which is great for walks/runs/cycling. If you're an activity junky then this is also for you, you can run, swim and bike in the sun around here and if you're looking to meet people, there are plenty of local hangouts and events to get involved in to meet people. 

3. Southbank

If you're thinking that being a little closer to the CBD is for you, then Southbank could be a great alternative. Southbank is appealing for singles because of its home to the Crown Casino, and beautiful Yarra River it is the hub of modern living. It provides great night life options, fantastic cafes and restaurants, and beautiful spaces for cycling, running or casual walks, Southbank caters to all. It is an easy stroll to the city, and is handy to all Public transport. If you are looking at being in a really central location then it may be the choice for you! If you're also looking to meet people, the bars and entertainment options around will leave you with plenty of options. 

4. South Melbourne

South Melbourne provides great value for singles and has all of the offerings that they would be looking for. Situated near the beach and the city, South Melbourne has Stunning, renovated Victorian terraces in tree lined streets. It is Close to the beach, the city and many parks. It has access to Albert Park's highlights including St Vincent's place, MSAC and Bridport street, but not quite as expensive. It's great for singles due to people who live here not relying on a car, with fantastic public transport options. There are also great cafes, and you are close to a very vibrant nightlife, with Chapel street not too far away, as well as the CBD. 

 A great home located at 173 Nelson Road, South Melbourne. 

A great home located at 173 Nelson Road, South Melbourne. 

5. Port Melbourne 

One of the most desirable suburbs in Melbourne. It's also has amazing restaurants down by the Spirit of Tasmania docks, as well as along Bay Street. Great in summer, windy in Winter, but well worth the great lifestyle. Great if you can afford it. For singles it offers close proximity to a bunch of activities, with Yoga Studios, cafes, restaurants and other options all available on Bay Street. There are also great places to take your dog to the beach if you have one, you will never be lonely with all of the offerings of Port Melbourne! 

Do you have any suggestions on the best suburbs for singles in Melbourne? If so, let us know by tweeting us here!