How to find the perfect housemate

Finding a housemate can be essential if you are renting or have just bought a place. It can help to provide income support and also decrease your reliability on payments. But how do you find the perfect housemate and what do they look like? We have a few tips on what may be the perfect person for you.

Before you start looking for someone to move in, you need to have a list in your mind about what you want out of their presence in the house. 

 Whilst they may seem like the perfect housemate, it is important to do some research. 

Whilst they may seem like the perfect housemate, it is important to do some research. 

Think about what is the most important for you. Are any of these what you are looking for?

A friend
Someone quiet
Someone outgoing
Someone in to sports
A good cook

All of these things are what make up different prospects when you look for a tenant, however knowing exactly what is most important for you will help you narrow down exactly who will be the right fit. These are the things to look out for.

1. What is their current living situation?

The current living situation is essential in deciding if they are the right fit. This will also tell you a lot about them. Do they live at home? If so, this may be their first time out and lack the experience required to contribute equally. Do they live out of home? If so, why are they moving and what attracts them to this place over their current place. Once you understand all of this and can know their primary motives for moving it will help you in your reviews of people.

2. What is their work situation?

Before you decide on the personality fit, it is very important you establish their personal circumstances. Do they earn a decent income, and can they afford the costs associated with living there? You live there and you know roughly how much it costs to maintain a lifestyle there, so ask if they will be able to keep up. There is no shame in asking this straight out to avoid concerns. Also discuss clearly how much bills currently are and give exact figures, also ask that if they went up 10% could they afford it. Finally explain that 4 weeks rent will be held for bond as well as 1 months rent in advance. Can they come up with 8 weeks rent immediately?

3. What is their lifestyle like?

If you decide that the applicants job sounds good and they can afford to live there, you then need to find out what their lifestyle is like. Do they get up early or late? What time do they start work and what time are they usually home? Ideally you want to prevent as many clashes as possible with your new room mate. You want to ensure that your schedules wont clash and you will both have access to the home at the times you need. Also find out about their social life, do they like having friends over? and do they want to create a friendship? You can generally tell from the outset if they are an outgoing person or if they will keep to themselves. Make a note about this and see if it would impact your lifestyle.

4.  Check out what they consider clean

There is nothing worse than living with someone who has different standards of hygiene. Therefore, explain what you think is clean and the things that will really frustrate you. Do dishes being left in the sink drive you nuts? If so, it's better to come across as a little prude and getting it out in the open, rather than not voicing your concerns. It is important you pick people with similar standards of hygiene. This will ensure you don't clash over basics. You should also discuss the idea of maybe getting a cleaner in once a month to give it a top to bottom clean and splitting the cost. See what they say to that and discuss it openly from the beginning. 

Once you have gone through this, weigh up the pros and cons between the applicants that you have enquire about your home. From here, explain openly your desires and see who is still interested, from here you will be able to find the best room mate and have some good times together.

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