A guide to living off the grid in Australia

Are you interested in living off the grid in Australia? Many families have opted to switch to off grid power, removing the shackles of society and giving themselves true freedom in living.

Simply stated, off-the-grid refers to homes that are fully autonomous from modern municipal hook-ups and power sources. Generally this refers to providing your own power generation without relying on any other sources.

For many people, choosing to unplug from city power is an expression of freedom. But it can also bring significant economic advantages. In fact, many off grid power solutions can save you significant amounts of money. Sometimes this incentive alone leads people to go off-grid.

If you’re interested in this type of lifestyle, have a look at our guide below to determine if it’s right for you – and how to get started.

Is off the grid living right for you?

Use this checklist to determine whether or not this lifestyle is suitable for you:

☑ I am okay without the creature comforts of modern society.

☑ I am self-sufficient, creative and comfortable in confusing circumstances

☑ I am handy with repairs (or willing to learn).

☑ I am willing to work hard and get dirty.

If these characteristics sound like you, you may have what it takes to live off the grid. Once you’re sure this is the right path for you, your next step is to get your planning in order.

Initial considerations.

1. Find your land.

If you don’t already own a plot of land or have a home you’d like to convert to off the grid living, it’s time to find your new home. In many cases, you don’t have to head into the outback to find land right for your off grid living.

2. Get your permits.

Remember, Australians living off the grid haven’t shut themselves off from society. They’ve found solutions to live their lives without the typical worries and expenses of life. Accordingly, you may need to secure planning and council permits to approve your off-grid home construction.

Some off-the-grid experts recommend securing land that doesn’t require any permits for building or living. But this may not always be a practical choice for you and your family. Many of these no permit zones are remote – away from schools, towns and other people.

3. Get your power, food & other concerns in order.

You’ll need to develop a plan for all the major areas of your life when you’re off the grid. This includes your food/water, heating/cooling, waste removal and electricity (more on that later).

Countless Australians living off the grid still earn incomes through regular employment like everyone else. Depending on the extent of your plan, you’ll need all of these aspects to be addressed before you dive into a living situation.

The critical importance of power.

Living off the grid in Australia does not mean you have to live off the land and fully turn yourself off from modern life. There are some cases where you will certainly need electricity for a variety of reasons. From heating and cooling to powering hardware or tools, power is important. That’s why you must have your power generation in place prior to going fully off the grid.

For most people, power generation comes down to two primary solutions: solar panels and generators. The cost of solar implementation has continued to decrease as technology has improved. There is a variety of companies throughout Australia who can help you find an affordable implementation solution for your specific situation.

We could spend a whole article explaining all the different intricacies and particular points you need to understand about an off grid generator. Instead, you can utilise this generator buying guide. It will give you all the important information you need to know to understand how generators work – and which one will be right for you.


Truly free living.

While it certainly comprises a lot of hard work and sacrifice, living off the grid in Australia is a choice many people truly love. This lifestyle creates a true sense of freedom and liberation unlike anything else in the world. If you’re ready to work hard and make some true changes in what life is like for you, then you’ll marvel at how this change can make a positive impact on your life.

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Jamie Press writes for Able Sales, off grid solar diesel generator specialists in Perth, WA and Brisbane QLD.

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