New Jersey home makes Sydney's top end look... well.... meh...

Recent reports have come through about the sale of Andrew Roberts home for an unbelievable figure of $38 million Australian dollars. We couldn't believe it, $38 million dollars! Who has that kind of money, and then we heard about this Jersey home that sold for $49 million US dollars (Around 62.8 million dollars) - Here is why it trumps the finest offerings on Sydney's harbour.

1. It has 5 stories! - We aren't joking, it actually has five stories.

image water.jpg

2. It was rumoured to be the new home of Oprah! Before she backed out.

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3. It is just 15km out of central Manhattan and you can access it via helicopter. (Many Sydney pads are missing the obligatory heli pad) 


4. It claims to be able to be fully maintained off an iPhone. 

 "House.... Are you there???"

"House.... Are you there???"

5. It has a realistic price tag. Since being listed it has shed a lazy $20 million off the asking price.


6. It not only has a gym, it has a fully built out day spa. 


7. You never need to leave for your weekly basketball match (Obviously it has it's own basketball court!) 

 What a way to get the gang together for a weekly get together. 

What a way to get the gang together for a weekly get together. 

But this isn't where it ends. The home also has 12-beds, 15-bathroom, (incase the other 14 are occupied)

Land size you ask? Well it is positioned on a tidy block of 30,000-square-foot, and provides parking for a few guests with an 11-car garage and 4,000-bottle wine cellar after a long day. 

So Mr.Roberts, you did very well on the sale of your home. But damn, if you're looking at another 'larger' home. We can't go past this! 

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