Tory Burch helps buy employee $6.8 Million dollar home.

Tory Burch must be doing something right with her empire in fashion, as one of her execs has just splashed some seriously big money, and purchased a stunning $6.8 million US Dollar home on Park Avenue. Located at 550 Park Avenue, the home is elegant, but still has a splash of style to show off just that little.

Featuring city views and being in eyesight of Central Park, the 12th floor home is super cosy, featuring dark hardwood flooring and a fire place to stay extra warm throughout the cold winter. The home has been kept in perfect condition, and the bathrooms are to just sensational.

Take a peak. 

tory burch 1.jpg
tory burch 2.jpg

What do you think? Could you live in this incredible apartment? 

How could you not!

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