Ladies are distraught after hearing about the sale of Sarah Jessica Parker's home.

When you ask most girls what they want in their home, they generally start off by saying they 'NEED' more closet space. Well, style icon and many girls idol, Sarah Jessica Parker has sold her home, for $20 million.

 The fashion icon has sold her apartment. 

The fashion icon has sold her apartment. 

Whilst most of us can only dream, we imagine there will be many upset ladies after hearing about the missed opportunity, as there are very few, if any other homes in New York that can cater to a serious shopping addiction and provide so much space in one of the most hotly contested real estate markets in the world.

SJP's home at 20 East 10th Street, which is comprised of five stories features six bedrooms, and by New York standards, is absolutely MASSIVE! The 6,800 sqm home features a home office. Have a look why it received a $20 million sale price below!

1. It has a gorgeous brick frontage in a beautiful tree lined street. 


2. The interior is slick and elegant. Finished with beautiful timber. 

image (2).jpg

3. Yes, Yes, Yes, it has incredible closet space! 

image (3).jpg

4. You'll never need to head to a day spa. 

image (4).jpg

5. You'll be able to eat dinner in what looks like a modern art gallery. 

image (1).jpg

6. Eat, sleep, work...... You can do it all from the lux master bedroom. 

image (5).jpg

So should you lose hope, and despair now that this home has been snapped up? We found this New York chic style apartment in Collingwood that has our tongues wagging, and is slightly more affordable!

Click any of the photos to see the full details. Don't lose hope ladies, there is still 109A Cambridge Street, Collingwood (above) on the market between $780,000 - $830,000 - which appears slightly more affordable. 

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