6 homes that cost less than your car.

For young people, buying a home is a major life goal. It usually comes however after the overseas trip to Europe, your purchase of your first car, and the dayyour uni debt is paid off. But..... that is all about to change. One way you can get in to the market is to think smart and have your money work for you. All you need is a spare patch outside the back of mum and dads house, and you will havethe perfect private small home.

Here are the best 6 homes for less than the cost of your car.

1. The cosy home 


2. The wood cabin.

wood cabin.jpg

 3. The wooden shed (Pro version)

Price not disclosed.
tree home.jpeg

4. The garage home. 


5. The 800 hour home.

$25,000 (it was built in 800 hours)
the amazing home.jpg

6. The cottage home.

No price provided. Estimated $40,000
cottage home.jpeg

So if you are finding housing unaffordable, look for alternatives. It may be betterto buy the bicycle and look at some crazy designs. All you need is a bit of land and some creativity to put something together, and from the homes above, you can make something exceptional out of something so simple.

About the Author:

Todd Schulberg

Todd Schulberg handles all things marketing for Homely.com.au - Living and breathing property, Todd has a keen interest in the movements in the market and howagents can utilise new tools and technology in order to be more connected. Using all things social, Todd suggests different ways that agents can engage and think outside the square with their marketing approach.