11 Reasons you need to move back home.

Moving back home is not the most appealing thing. Ask anyone in their 20's and now that they have experienced their independence and freedom, the thought of going back home to live with mum and dad is something that really doesn't sound all that good. But, there are some reasons why you need to swallow your pride and move back home. Here are the best 11 reasons.

1. Money, Money, Money

It's undeniable, living out of home is expensive, really expensive. Moving back home helps you save not just on rent, but on all of the other expenses associated with moving out home home. When you do make the decision, just sit back and watch the dollars roll in!


2. Connect and relive the good times.

Once people move out, it becomes so hard to organise time to spend with your loved ones. Moving back home makes it easier to spend time together, and allows you to relive all of the good times you had!


3. You can eat non-stop.

It's in a mother's genes to make sure their baby is well fed. Moving back home ensures that the pantry is full and there is a nice home cooked meal every night. There's nothing better than sitting down to a good plate of pasta made by mumma! 


4. You get your Sunday's back!

When you move out you dream about all of the spare time you will have, unfortunately what you find is that every spare moment you have, it becomes dedicated to cleaning up the mess you've made over the last few hours. And your Sunday's are entirely devoted to laundry! 


5. You can search for a home whilst you save. 

One of the hardest parts of buying a home is having the money to do so. You will find you have more spare time and money, to make a smart decision in your next property move. You will also be able to start living your dream sooner than you'd hoped!


6. You can really plan out your life.

When you are out of home, survival mode kicks in. You are trying to cover bills, work your jobs, and live your life. The thing is, you generally stop planning and work on just surviving. Moving home can really allow you to put a plan of attack in place to start planning your life. 


7. You're not alone.

Moving home is great, because not only do you have amenities, you also get an instant support network. Families by their nature are very supportive, so no matter what is happening you can have endless support 24/7

8. You can be yourself.

No matter who you are, there are no pressures to conform. Moving in with room mates can be nerve racking, moving home takes that pressure off. No one knows you better than your parents, and moving back allows you to be your best self.


9. You have a house for house parties.

This may be a bit of a stretch, but if your parents are super cool, they may be happy with you throwing house parties. That is one way to turn super average to super cool.

house part 2.gif

10. Endless hugs.

It is under rated, but on days when you're not feeling great or just need a hug, your mum is there to look after you. What's more reassuring than that?

11. Shared responsibilities.

More people in a household means more people to take care of the household chores. Breaking up the daily activities between three or four of you is much easier than when you are living on your own. You may find you also enjoy the chores you do! (Such as taking the dog for a walk)


About the Author:

Todd Schulberg

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