The 'average looking' homes that are worth a goldmine.

The saying that the beauty is the eye of the beholder is very true. But what is also very true is that there is no more land they can just add on to high density living areas, and the demand for people to live close to CBD hubs and built up areas is ever increasing. That leaves a population of home owners who may have had their home for 30,40 or even 50 years where their humble home, which they likely paid tens of thousands of dollars back in the day, is now heading towards millions. So which ugly ducklings are about to turn in to swans? 

Take a look:

17 Gum Street, Sunshine West

gum street.jpg

Why is it valuable?

  • It's under 15km from the CBD of Melbourne with good infrastructure around
  • It's solid brick so the foundations are good
  • It has the potential to be redeveloped in to multiple apartments


9 Whitworth Street, Westmead,NSW

Why is it valuable?

  • Large block with potential to put duplex apartments on
  • 25km out of Sydney's CBD - providing good access to the city
  • Sydney Murugan Temple, Westmead Hospital, transport, schools and other amenities are just a few steps away. 


54 Maude Avenue, Glenroy, VIC.

Why is it valuable?

  • It provides nearly 900sqm just 16km out of the CBD
  • There is huge potential to put 3 if not 4 new homes on the block.
  • Amenities already service the area with trains, busses and shopping easily available

With recent results in the area, this could fetch close to $850,000 - not bad for a modest home in Melbourne's outer suburbs.

15 Carlsson Court, Brooklyn, VIC.

Why is it valuable?

  • Close to the CBD with easy access via public transport
  • A corner block with huge development for redevelopment
  • Easy access to shopping centres and endless amenities.

So as you expand your property searches, be sure to include the homes that maybe aren't as visually appealing. Being in a prime location, with amenities surrounding you is a great way to ensure that you are able to attract renters, and that there will be a demand for buyers when you come to sell it in the years ahead.

About the Author:

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