A Parisian has set the trend for bringing in 'Green Kitchens' to homes. Gone are they days where you needed an outhouse as the designated place to undertake your 'green' activities, this clever invention means your kitchen can be eco-friendly, whilst add serious style to your living area. 

The concept was all about, 'Bringing the outside, in' said Grégoire and Stephanie de Lafforest, and with pretty much just over 100 sqm, they have managed to do so. So how have they done it? Enter a tree in to the middle of the living area (it isn't real) and the real centre piece of green living, a 'Green House' kitchen. 

 The Green House Kitchen has been built as a separate area.

The Green House Kitchen has been built as a separate area.

 The 'Tree' bringing the outdoors inside. 

The 'Tree' bringing the outdoors inside. 

The whole home has been designed around the 'Kitchen Concept' with each internal house drawing on the kitchen's attempt to provide a living solution. By separating the quarters up, it provides more privacy to the person living in that area, whilst also creates a format and flow for the home so that it flows easily.


There is a strong minimalist feel you get from looking at this home. Nothing seems to have been added 'for the sake of it' and it seems that everything functional serves a purpose. If it doesn't serve a purpose, you can be assured it has been chosen as it is either aesthetically stunning, or something that adds to the off-the-wall approach implemented here. All we can say to this designer couple is "Kudos, take a bow!"


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