Amazing kitchen appliances to save you time

Life is busy and messy, and sometimes the kitchen, which is often referred to as the heart of the home, can require the most amount of work.

To make your life easier and more efficient, we've collaborated with e&s to get their advice on the products which will help save you time in the kitchen.

Food disposal systems

If you’re forever spending time cleaning and worrying about food getting stuck down your stink, then investing in a food disposal system would be the right way to go. A food disposal system, (such as the InSinkerator), offers a convenient way to dispose of food waste in your home. This system takes finely ground food waste through the plumbing system in the same way toilet waste is treated. Just about any kind of food can go right down the drain, thus minimising the handling of food scraps and reducing the time spent preparing and cleaning up after meals.

Hot water taps

Spend more time enjoying your tea than preparing it. Time and time again, we boil the kettle, wanting to make a cup of tea, but get distracted and forget about our hot drink. Taps which allow you to have hot, chilled and sparkling water on tap is not only a great way to save space, but saves time by having all your home drinking solutions in one place.  

Pyrolytic ovens

Cleaning ovens isn’t the most enjoyable task, and is often something that we put off doing. Pyrolytic Ovens such as the featured Miele 60cm Pyrolytic Single Oven, uses high temperatures (around 400⁰c) to incinerate any food residues on the oven walls into a fine ash. Once the cleaning cycle has completed, the ash can be safely wiped away using only a damp cloth. Now we have no excuse to put off cleaning our ovens, especially now that it is done with a touch of a button.

Induction cooktop

Save time preparing meals with fast heating induction cooktops. Because there are no naked flames and the cooktop starts to cool down the moment the pot is removed, these cooktops are a much safer option for families. Boiling large pots of water is a breeze, and frying is quick and simple. But not only are induction cooktops great for high-heat cooking, they offer the chef excellent temperature precision when it comes to simmering and melting. Needless to mention that cleanup is a breeze with the single glass surface so it’s so easy to wipe down and clean.

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