How to style your guest bedroom for Christmas

The holiday season is almost upon us and that means setting up décor, planning for parties and crossing off the items in your gift-giving checklist.

The magic of the season brings people together, and you might have to decorate your guest bedroom for special visitors feel over the holiday season.

Guest rooms should make visitors feel welcome and comfortable, as if they are in their own home. Here’s how you can create an amazing and inviting guest bedroom space this holiday season.

Keep it cosy

Changing up the cushions, new linens and throws is a way to instantly refresh and change the look of a bedroom to make guests feel right at home.

Use cool greys and soft pinks to create a relaxed vibe in the space - finish it off with textured throws for a cozy touch. Of course, make sure your guests have plenty of pillows and blankets to keep them conformable!

 Image: Retrojan

Image: Retrojan

Jolly slumber

The perfect guest room would not be complete without a cozy bed and bedside tables - especially because we all know that sleep is the best way to recuperate after travel. Upholstered and comfortable beds are great for any guest bedroom, not just during Christmas time. Choose a bed and bedside tables that will complement any décor - a grey upholstered bedhead or bed is sure to stand the test of time and easily fits into any space.

Festive fun

Make your guest space merry and bright with an addition of a wreath over the bed. Use greens, berries and pinecones for the ultimate wreath or go rustic with twigs and accompanying fairy lights. It’s sure to add that Christmasy touch! If you’re feeling creative, a simple stick Christmas tree can look effective with some stylish decorations!

 Image: Marks & Spencer

Image: Marks & Spencer

Bedside cheer

Spruce up bedside tables with stunning homewares, a stylish vase with fresh flowers and create ambiance with Christmas scented candles (think fresh pine and even Christmas pudding scented varieties!). Don’t forget that there should be enough space for guests to store their personal items - a chest of drawers is also a great idea too.

 Image: Retrojan

Image: Retrojan

Personalised holiday

There’s nothing that'll make guests feel extra special than knowing that a space is decked out just for them. Make them feel comfortable with extra towels, toothbrushes and the all important WiFi password. Snacks like fruits and chips make a great addition just in case they crave a midnight snack!

The Christmas season is a time for giving and sharing. Guest bedrooms may be the ultimate retreat for your visitors after a long drive or flight. We hope that these ideas can bring them a happy slice of Christmas away from home.

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