Security matters – Top 6 benefits of roller shutters

Roller shutters have become more popular over the years because of the cost-effective security boost they provide to the home. For the safety conscious homeowner, it makes sense to invest in something that will hold up under threat and deter theft.

Keeping intruders out has become a growing problem for Aussies, with 1 in 40 houses in Australia burgled every year. Most homeowners will invest in security screens and deadbolts, but what about protecting your windows too?

There’s no denying that all homes need physical deterrents from burglars, but the benefits of roller shutters go far beyond this. Convenience, protection from harsh elements, energy efficiency and unique aesthetics are just some of the reasons that roller shutters are a popular choice for homeowners. Here’s why you should make the investment and install roller shutters at your place.  



1. Protect your most valuable investment

No doubt your biggest investment is your home, so making sure it’s thoroughly protected is paramount. Home security isn’t something that should be overlooked. Good security is priceless – especially when the safety of your family and protection of your prized possessions are concerned. Roller shutters are great for offering another layer of security and privacy. Made from tough, durable materials they prevent intruders prying open the shutter from the outside. They can be installed on doors and windows and give you and your family better control over your privacy. 

2. Boosts energy efficiency

With more people thinking green, creating a sustainable home is no longer just a trend. Homeowners are starting to look for better ways to cut down on utility bills and do their bit for the environment – and investing in roller shutters go hand-in-hand with both! The shutters are designed to insulate the home so you don’t have to spend as much on heating and cooling. Seeing as they are fully insulated they regulate indoor temperature and can actually stop the heat by up to 90 per cent and the cold by up to 70 per cent, which is much healthier for your wallet and the environment.

3. Natural light control

Like with noise and privacy levels, these type of shutters give you full control of how much natural light you let into the home. If the sun’s intensity gets too much (as it almost always does in Australian summers!), roller shutters allow you to reduce the sun glare without having to block out the natural light altogether; as opposed to closing the drapes indoors. Reduced sun glare isn’t only necessary for comfort in the home, but it’s also essential for the longevity of indoor furnishings and household items. When exposed to the sun’s heat and rays on regular basis, colour and shine of flooring, carpets and other indoor pieces can be irreparably damaged.

 Image: Creative Home Image

Image: Creative Home Image

4. Noise reduction

For properties located on busy streets, roller shutters are a great way to eliminate noise from the outside. Quality insulated shutters can reduce noise levels by up to 60 per cent which is ideal for loud neighbours and busy streets. Installing roller shutters for noise filtration purposes also means you won’t have to worry as much about being a disturbance to your neighbours too. 

5. Add style and kerb appeal

These window treatments come in a variety of materials, colours, patterns and styles, so they have the potential to add instant exterior appeal to your home. Installing at the front of your home will not only boost security, but kerb appeal too which is essential come selling time. Roller shutters are very versatile in both appearances and mechanisms, so they’re easily suited to almost any property and architectural style. If aesthetics is important or you’re thinking of selling in the near future, opt for a style that complements your home’s existing architecture and increases its street appeal.

6. Window protection

Maintaining windows isn’t usually on the top of every homeowner’s to-do list, but it’s just as essential as the upkeep of the rest of your home. As roller shutters are designed to adjust accordingly, they offer an easier and cost-effective solution to shield windows and doors from dust, sand and moisture. Not only will it keep windows cleaner for longer, but it reduces maintenance work that can be caused by dust and dirt. Windows and doors with roller shutters installed are also better protected from damage when loose debris and hail is around.

Whether your bedroom, lounge room, kitchen or entire home is installed with roller shutters, having an extra layer of security and comfort will put your mind at ease. 

For other effective deterrents to protect your home from burglary take a look at these six ways to prevent burglars from targeting your home and the best ways to keep your home secure while on holiday.

Author bio:

This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, who writes for Central Screens – a Western Australia family owned business since 1993 specialising in roller shutters, security doors and security screens for your home. You can catch Jayde on Google+ to discuss this piece.

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