6 home décor ideas to try this autumn

With the changing of the seasons comes time to get your winter woollies out of storage, pull on your comfiest pair of ugg boots and start prepping your place for hibernation to escape the worst of the winter chill.

Here are six autumn decor trends to try out to make your home extra cosy and inviting for the cooler months ahead.

1. Branch out.

Bring the beauty of autumn indoors by adding in natural textures and organic shapes using twigs, branches and firewood to decorate your home. There are a number of inventive ways you can work rustic branches and timber into your décor. A branch can be turned into a beautiful work of art, a sculptural dining table chandelier, a feature vase, a jewellery organiser or clothes hanger. For a fun DIY weekend project try making rustic timber coasters or placemats.

2. Rug up.

Investing in a quality rug come autumn is an easy and practical way to make a room feel warmer and more inviting. Natural fibre, jute and hand woven wool rugs are all stylish and highly durable additions. Not to mention they’re a great way to add an interesting textural element to a living space or bedroom. It’s also a smart idea to add an easy to clean hall runner or rug in your entrance foyer to protect your floors from muddy and wet shoes that go hand in hand with wintry weather.

3. A splash of velvet.

This opulent textile is the perfect addition to the home for autumn decorating. The rich colours, the soft weighty feel and luscious appearance make it the ideal material to snuggle up to in cooler months. Introduce a statement velvet piece into your living room or bedroom for added warmth and its heavenly texture (such as a headboard, sofa or ottoman). If you’re not up for a large purchase, swap out your lightweight summer linen and cotton cushion covers for velvet ones. Introduce on-trend autumnal accent colours such as turquoise, mulberry or emerald to instantly add an elegant touch to any room.

4. Lots of layers.

While you’re layering up your wardrobe to stay toasty and warm this season, why not do the same thing at home. Dress your bed by layering rich and tactile textiles (think quilts, wool blankets or cashmere, faux fur and sheepskin throws). Add in luxurious throw pillows in rich shades for a glamorous feel. Add warmth and visual interest to sitting areas by having cosy and colourful throw rugs within easy reach and a variety of luxe fluffy plush cushions on hand to cosy up with on cold winter nights.

5. Warm up your outdoor space.

Don't discount your alfresco area when in comes to autumn home decor and entertaining in cooler months. Introduce a weather resistant rug for comfort underfoot and durable pillows to your outdoor setting. Add in a patio heater, fireplace, fire pit and blankets for increased warmth while entertaining outdoors.

6. Winter friendly house plants.

For cooler times of year it can be a good idea to introduce hardy house plants into your environment to add a splash of colour. House plants also have several benefits such as purifying the air, increasing oxygen levels and other health benefits (like decreasing incidents of sore throats and colds). Cacti have loads of wow factor and are perfect examples of fuss-free greenery, as they don't shed leaves or collect as much dust as leafier house plants. They require minimal watering in winter but need sunlight, so positioning them near windows works best. 

For more ideas for entertaining at home during winter take a look at our post on 5 ways to heat your outdoor area this winter.

Happy decorating!

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