Dos & don’ts of house plant styling

The spring selling season is almost upon us. If you’re considering taking advantage of it and putting your property on the market, it’s never too early to start prepping your home to present well and stand out from the competition.

In recent years the humble leafy house plant has made a major comeback. They instantly make just about any room look better and help to create a healthier living environment by boosting oxygen levels and purifying the air. Their addition to your home is a win-win.

When staging a home for sale indoor plants are a great way to brighten and enliven living spaces. Even if you’re not looking to sell up just yet, a vibrant green house plant here and there can work wonders to freshen up and update tired interiors this spring.

Here are our key recommendations for house plant trends, styling and maintenance.

DON’T feel limited by small living space

Add character to a small uninspiring kitchen, courtyard or balcony with the addition of a vertical garden. Think of the convenience of picking off fresh herbs from your living wall to add to your BBQ, roast or salad year-round. Also, for black thumbs if you go for a self watering variety they're almost impossible to kill.

DO bring plants into the bathroom

The moisture in the air created daily from the steam of your shower and bathtub creates an ideal environment for house plants to flourish. Just make sure the plant is positioned close enough to your bathroom window or skylight so it gets sufficient natural light.

If spare surface and floor space is scarce in your bathroom hook up a lush hanging plant for a cool dash of greenery. Try trailing succulents like string of bananas or string of pearls, maidenhair ferns or a hardier plant like devil’s ivy for a great green look.

DO add an elegant touch

If big green leaves, bushy ferns or spiky cactuses don’t appeal to you opt for a more delicate plant like an orchid. With over 30,000 different species, there’s sure to be a variety that suits your living rooms colour scheme. Orchids want bright indirect natural light, moderate temperature (18 to 24 degrees in the day time) and good air circulation.

DON’T overwater

Stunning large sculptural house plants like the fiddle leaf fig and Madagascar dragon trees, can easily suffer from root rot if they’re overwatered and left to sit in water. So every time you water your house plants make sure you empty out the excess water from the drip saucer or outer pot to keep them happy and healthy. A good rule of thumb is if the soil feels dry an inch inside the pot it’s time to give the plant a good drink. 

DO create an urban rainforest

Cluster tall and bushy plants like mother-in-law’s tongue, areca palms, umbrella trees and spider plants to create a mini rainforest at home. This works particularly well to bring a touch of nature and a relaxing vibe to a sterile bathroom or bland home office space. Your potted urban oasis is also great for creating an aesthetically appealing screen for an outdoor area that lacks privacy.

DON’T forget your alfresco area

Potted citrus trees and fragrant low maintenance plants like lavender, rosemary and jasmine are all visually enhancing and practical additions to any outdoor area. The smell of these plants will add a sense of tranquillity to the air as you lounge outdoors, plus the herbs, lemon and limes will be sure to come in handy for cocktail hour and cooking.

 For sale:  Brighton, VIC

For sale: Brighton, VIC

DO let there be light

The level of natural light required will vary from plant type to plant type. Check the plants care instructions on the label or consult a specialist at your local nursery to ascertain what type of sun exposure or positioning indoors would be best for your particular plant. Indoor plants generally need good ventilation, some natural light and grow best kept out of direct sunlight.

With air plants, succulents, cacti, terrariums, orchids and much more available at your local nursery, the possibilities are almost endless when it comes to house plant styling to suit every home and homeowner's budget.

For more house plant tips take a look at these four tips for terrarium maintenane and to make indoor plants last longer

Happy house hunting!

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