The 6 hottest window covering trends this spring

If you're on the look out for the right window covering this spring then look no further, we’ve compiled the hottest trends so you can ensure you're making the right decision when updating your windows.

Wavefold sheer curtains

Sheer curtains are back in a big way and in recent years they’ve had a face lift with our sleek and contemporary, wavefold sheers. These pretties are unique in that they drape with a smooth continuous wave effect creating a relaxed and elegant look. The floating fabric adds softness and warmth to a room, dramatically transforming any space.

 Image: Marcio Suster Architectural Photography

Image: Marcio Suster Architectural Photography

Wavefold sheers will no doubt be this springs hottest trend. They soften the link between your indoor and outdoor living areas whilst enhancing the ambience of a room by adding movement and texture.

Wavefold sheers are also surprisingly easy to operate. Gone are the days of trying to pull heavy curtains back and fourth, with the flick of a wand, and minimal effort, your curtains can glide easily from side to side.

Whisper cellular shades

In recent years the cellular shade has fast become the quiet achiever in the window covering world. It’s easy to see why, it’s now the top blind product for energy efficiency. As spring is upon us cellular shades become much more popular as we all start thinking about how to keep our homes cool during the warmer months.

Whisper cellular shades are constructed using a fabric that is cellular/honeycomb in shape providing superior insulation properties. This unique shape traps air helping to create a more constant indoor temperature, keeping you cool in summer. The unique construction of our whisper cellular blinds results in savings of up to 32 per cent on a homes energy cost!

Floor to ceiling curtains

Short curtains are out and floor to ceiling curtains are in! Short curtains do exactly what short pants do - they shorten the height of your windows, and the height of your ceiling, making rooms feel smaller and more enclosed.

Designed to hang the full length of windows, custom made floor to ceiling curtains are a must. Hanging curtains as high as possible creates the illusion of height to a room, making windows look bigger and rooms feel more spacious, so its no surprise they are trending for spring.

Now for the endless practical benefits that make these curtains so popular. Floor to ceiling curtains ensure for complete light control, privacy and thermal insulation. So heading into the warmer months they are the top choice to ensure your windows keep the hot air out and cool air in!

Two blinds in one

If you haven’t heard of these guys before you may be thinking this sounds too good to be true. Double or dual roller blinds have a double bracket system which combines two fabrics on the same window, allowing you to have both a blockout fabric for keeping the light out and a sheer or sunscreen fabric for when you want to see out.

Control of each blind is separate so you can enjoy your window views and soft diffused light during the day and have complete privacy and darkness at night.

Sound like the window covering solution you’ve been searching for? It’s easy to see why double roller blinds are becoming so popular as they meet the brief for so many homeowners.


Window coverings are friends and work at their best when layered together on windows. So layering is a must this spring to ensure a well-designed current finish on your windows.

The hottest layering combination has to be sheer curtains layered over blinds. This combines the preference for the simplicity of blinds with the desire to add the softness, texture and movement of sheer curtains. Not only does this layering look stunning but it also ensures flexibility over your windows privacy and light control. 

White plantation shutters

If ever in doubt, go for white shutters. These guys should never be overlooked because of their ability to transform the inside and outside of your home.

Adding shutters across your homes front windows can make a huge impact to your homes façade and kerb appeal. Along with these aesthetic benefits, shutters also add sound insulation from outside road and traffic noise.

Ensure you opt for true custom made shutters that are designed and hand crafted specifically to fit your window dimensions for an attractive and snug fit on your windows.

We hope these six latest trends in window coverings help you achieve a fresh spring inspired look in your home. For more interior design ideas check out these dos and don'ts of houseplant styling and these rug ideas.

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