Style inspo: 6 dreamy bedrooms for sale

Need design inspiration for your bedroom? Take a cue from these bold and lush interiors that are up for sale, or better yet just buy the house and make the bedroom your own!

Weekend sleep-ins, snuggling up in bed with a good book or lazy afternoon siestas, what’s not to love about spending time in the bedroom?

Seeing as we spend about a third of our lives sleeping, it only makes sense that our bedroom should be a personalised space where we feel at our most comfortable to enjoy some serious R&R time.

We’ve scoured for some of the most daring and dreamy bedrooms currently up for sale to explore what's on-trend when it comes to interior design in the boudoir.

If you’re dreaming of a bedroom makeover here are six stylish bedrooms to draw inspiration from that’ll quickly turn the bedroom into your favourite room in the house.

Be fresh and flirty

Make an all white bedroom feel warm and inviting by introducing chalky pastel tones. Whether it be blush pink bed linens (as below), mint green artwork or pale yellow throw pillows, pastel tones are the perfect way to add interest and subtle colour to a stark white room.

To take a fresh and flirty white bedroom to the next level bring in shiny surfaces and luscious textiles to make the room romantic instead of sterile. Here, asymmetrical bedside copper pendants and the fluffy faux fur throw rug and cushion are used to great glamorous effect. The oversized barn door mirror to the ensuite is the sparkly light boosting icing on the cake!

Make a statement with paper

Use bold patterned wallpaper in your favourite dark shades to add sophistication and drama to a lacklustre bedroom. As below, it can work especially well and not be too overpowering if hung directly over the bed as a focal point that doubles as a statement bedhead mural and a work of art.

When decorating with charcoal, navy blues and blacks in the bedroom remember to always have enough light shaded elements to balance out the dark to keep the room from feeling too heavy. For this example, the charcoal grey wall and curtains are perfectly balanced out by the white ceiling, light grey carpet, the cream coloured bedspread and light lamp shades.

Get arty with colour

Look to large scale artwork for inspiration for a colour scheme you can use to decorate the whole room. Think blues, greens, greys, pale pinks and other neutral tones to promote a calming and restful environment. Personalise your artwork choice by only selecting a piece that speaks to you and makes you feel at ease. It may be a green rainforest landscape, serene rolling ocean waves or a more abstract piece, whatever it is just make sure it makes you feel relaxed.

Draw out the colours in your favourite peaceful artwork by peppering accessories in similar shades around the room to up the serenity. It also helps to have a gorgeous soaking bath tub close at hand as pictured to amp up the relaxation factor.

Tantalise with timber

For an instant hit of character and warmth introduce some timber panelling to your bedroom walls. With so many varieties, sizes and shades of timber boards to choose from it works for just about any design aesthetic. From industrial, to boho, to country, to Scandinavian or to beachy, timber wall panelling can work wonders to add eye-catching appeal to any space.

Another advantage of timber wall panels is when laid vertically they lead the eye upwards and elongate the room, making it feel bigger and more spacious. For more budget friendly updates look into MDF cladding or timber replica wallpapers to achieve the same look as timber panels at a fraction of the cost.

Up the glam factor

If glitz and glam are your thing go all out and pump up the luxe in your bedroom with sparkly and decadent features galore. You can't beat the shimmer and shine of bedside chandeliers (pictured below) when it comes to the most luxurious of bedroom interiors. Opt for dramatic layered drapes, an open or gas log fireplace, a luscious upholstered bedhead, plush carpeting or parquetry flooring and elegant mirrored French Provincial style side tables to top off the look.

Neutral chic

If you're not a fan of loud colours, bold wall trimmings or glam decor then sticking to a neutral palette may be just what your bedroom needs. A neutral room is soothing and relaxing, so the bedroom is the perfect place to indulge in calming neutral decor. Refresh your bedroom with a coat of paint in a new on-trend neutral shade of greige (grey meets beige), or push the envelope with pale shades of buttery yellow or light green.

To avoid your bedroom looking a bit bland, play with textures and layer on different shades of neutrals rather than just sticking to one tone. As pictured below, start with a beige coat of paint, then layer on crisp monochrome bedding. Next add interest with a chunky brown leather chesterfield ottoman, a natural floor rug, delicate white vases, gold picture frames and a black velvet throw for good measure.

We hope once you've implemented these ideas in your bedroom it makes it harder than ever to get out of bed in the morning. 

For more tips on redecorating your bedroom check out these six ways to revamp your bedroom on a budget and our bedding buying guide.

Happy decorating!

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