5 reasons to embrace outdoor bathing

A trend not for the faint-hearted, would you be game to install an outdoor bathtub or shower in your yard?

Whether you want to get back to nature or have a quick rinse off after the beach, an outdoor shower is a useful, relaxing and bold backyard accessory.

No longer just the domain of the humble beach shack, here are five reasons you need to brave and embrace the outdoor bathing craze at your place. 

 1. Indulgent relaxation

If you love taking a long relaxing soak indoors, just wait until you add fresh air, beautiful natural scenery and sunshine or moonlight to your new bubble bath ritual. With the simple addition of a bathtub or shower outdoors you can be on your way to turning your backyard or courtyard into the ultimate relaxation zone.

Up the serenity of your chill out area by introducing elements that promote a sense of calm and make you feel at ease while you bathe. Such as a babbling water feature, a reflection pool, koi pond, fragrant lush green foliage, a Zen garden, outdoor speakers, an incense holder and maybe even some wind chimes.

 60 Tramway Road, North Avoca, NSW

60 Tramway Road, North Avoca, NSW

2. Housekeeping perks

An outdoor shower will work wonders for your housekeeping efforts by keeping dirt and sand where it belongs, at the beach and in the garden.

They are especially good investments for people with chlorine pools, spas and beach frontage, where you can have a quick wash and dry off after taking a dip without needing to leave slippery wet footprints all down the hallway.

Having the ability to rinse off surfboards, boots, thongs and yourself after a trip to the beach before heading inside will also help prevent sand ending up (as it inevitably always seems to!) scattered throughout the whole house.

If you or the kids are in the habit of getting muddy outdoors, on the sports field or in the garden, save your carpet and clean bathroom by heading straight for the outdoor shower to wash up. An outdoor tub can also be a lifesaver when it comes to washing pets.

3. Low-cost luxury

If you’re in the process of a bathroom renovation inside but just can’t let go of that charming claw foot tub, why not give it a new lease on life and see if having it installed in your garden is an option?

Alternatively, hit up local auction house, building material recycling centres, or search online second-hand marketplaces to pick up your outdoor shower materials or tub for a fraction of the new retail price.

Adding a beachy outdoor shower or a quirky claw foot tub to your yard will add interest and resort-like appeal to your outdoor space. It will instantly create a sense of luxury and indulgence in your backyard or courtyard that will be attractive to buyers when it comes time to sell.

4. Stay cool

If your yard doesn’t have space for a swimming pool, adding a bathtub or shower can be a good alternative for getting some relief and cooling off on those blistering hot summer days.

Using an outdoor shower especially when there’s a light breeze, is also a great way to cool down fast after taking a run, bike ride or post workout.

Just make sure you position your shower or tub in a shady private spot to avoid direct sun exposure and prying eyes, so you can stay nice and cool during your invigorating splash.

5. Banish boring

Introducing an outdoor shower or bath into your life will take your daily washing routine from dull to delightful! Kids will also love the new adventure and element of fun involved in taking bath time outside.

 Image: Executive Retreats

Image: Executive Retreats

Depending on how you decorate and screen off your outdoor bathing area, you may feel extra rejuvenated by the experience. For instance, being transported to a tropical Balinese resort, a rustic bush sanctuary or a Zen Japanese bath house every time you bathe will make your daily routine extra special.

For more ways to upgrade your outdoor area check out these ways to add value to your backyard and these five tips to beautify your garden.

Happy bathtub hunting!

The Homely Team 

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