8 creative places to display art at home

Art can be used for all kinds of reasons in interior design. Whether it’s to enhance the atmosphere of a space, to tell a story, convey your personality or simply to look pretty, there are so many creative ways to proudly display your art collection around the home.

Here are eight quirky spots and ideas for displaying art in the home.


Many people overlook their bathroom as a good opportunity to display art. We can’t think of anything better than admiring one of your favourite artworks while taking a relaxing soak in the tub, a warm shower or even while brushing your teeth. As we spend so much time on mundane activities in the bathroom, art is a great way to make the space more interesting and one that you’ll love spending time in.

 Image: Ideal Home

Image: Ideal Home

It’s important to carefully consider the type of artwork you display in the bathroom, as you don’t want steam and moisture causing any damage. Canvases and sculptures are a better bet than unframed prints and paper artworks for instance. An aluminium photo print would be an optimal material to keep your art looking good in a humid bathroom environment.


As a key thoroughfare in the home that you use many times a day, the staircase is an ideal candidate for an arty makeover.

Add art at the bottom of the stairs, at the top on the landing or even under the stairs if there’s spare wall space. Art on stairway walls gives guests an idea of your style and a warm welcome to your home as soon as they step inside.


As this artwork will be one of the first and last things you see every day you really want to make sure you love it. Think about the vibe and theme you want to create in your boudoir and search for a work that complements that theme and makes you feel the particular emotion you desire.

For example, the tranquil deer artwork below plays perfectly on the rustic organic theming of this bedroom, complementing the feature timber bedhead and enhancing the restful atmosphere of the space. It’s also a good lesson that art doesn’t have to always be centred over the bed to work. Add art to your bedroom entrance, your walk in robe, by a window, over a dresser or above a study nook for that unexpected bedroom arty touch.


Give your favourite piece of art a new lease on life and new perspective by displaying it outdoors. If it's not weather resistant we recommend hanging it under cover on a pergola or veranda or getting it reframed into a sealed waterproof perspex frame.

Don't limit yourself to just pictures and paintings when it comes to getting arty in your backyard or courtyard. The great outdoors is the perfect opportunity to opt for bigger bolder statement installations, water features, screens and sculptural pieces of art. Your letterbox, garden beds, furniture, lighting, fire pit, footpaths and trellises are all blank canvases to display your passion for art in your own private open air gallery.


A mantel, windowsill or shelf is the perfect spot to prop up artwork for a more relaxed look. This is an especially good damage free trick for renters who want to bring some art into their home. Be careful if there is a working fireplace below or you have children or pets, as you don’t want the artwork getting damaged by the heat over time or easily knocked over.


As the hub of the home, the kitchen is a great spot to bring some colourful artwork into your life and add cheer to your day. Hang a lively abstract print or a traditional oil painting above your breakfast bar to up the sophistication of your kitchen.

For a funky modern look, consider fixing a neon sign over the kitchen doorway or to a bulkhead with a playful message.

 Image: Stiff + Trevillion

Image: Stiff + Trevillion

Forget sticking things to the fridge with flimsy magnets. Get the little ones involved and frame their best colourful works of art to display in the butler’s pantry. Get frames that are easy to open so you can play gallery curator, changing over the crayon and painted masterpieces as often as you and the kids wish.


As a space that acts as a quiet haven and where typically a lot of important household business is taken care of, the study can be the perfect place for inspirational artwork that shows off your personality.

Can’t decide which of your favourite pieces to display? Why not arrange them all into an eclectic wall gallery display above your desk or couch. Mix and match paintings, photos, record covers, maps, memorabilia and souvenirs, whatever your heart desires to create your personalised one-of-a-kind gallery wall.

To save yourself time and trouble (and lots of false starts and nail holes in the wall!) it’s smart to plan your gallery out using Blu-Tack and cardboard cut-out templates of the pieces, to ensure you get the configuration and balance of your display right first time around.

Small rooms

Use a panoramic landscape artwork or wall mural in a small space (think powder room, laundry or a small living area) to instantly add interest and depth to the room. If the space doesn’t have much of a view art can be the perfect opportunity to rectify the issue and transport yourself to another place or time. Look for large-scale pieces to up the wow-factor and create a more convincing illusion that you have a window with a captivating view.

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Happy decorating!

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