The best swimming pool designs for small backyards

A relaxing pool is not a luxury reserved only for homes with big wide open spaces. Although owning one may seem like a privilege for those who have big homes and extra spaces, this article will prove that even with a small backyard, you too can fit a beautiful and functional pool into your property. 

 For sale:  Newport, NSW

For sale: Newport, NSW

Thanks to new pool technologies and design ingenuities, there are many ways for you to enjoy having this wonderful amenity in your residence. Below you’ll find seven of the best swimming pool designs that can fit even in small backyards.

7 swimming pool designs for small backyards

1. Plunge pool

A plunge pool is a small, deep pool for soaking and relaxing. What's good about this type of pool is that it can easily fit into small spaces. It might not be as useful as lap pools or a full-sized swimming pool, but it’s equally refreshing during the most sweltering summer days. Plunge pools are also cost efficient. Thanks to their volume and smaller diameter, it requires less labour and materials, and heating and maintaining the water is faster and cheaper.

 Image: El Bureau

Image: El Bureau

2. Spool (a pool that doubles as a spa)

Upgrade your plunge pool into a spool: a combination of a spa and pool. It’s great for space saving because it serves multi-purposes. Typically, it has built-in seats and jets. Better yet, during winter you'll still be able to use it as a relaxing spa because heating the water is fast and economical.

 Image: Digs Digs

Image: Digs Digs

3. Lap pool parallel to your home

If you want a swimming pool but must deal with the limitations of a narrow block of land, don't fret because you can still have one installed right up to the side of your house. The best way to fit a ‘swimmable’ pool right into your property is to have it installed parallel to your house, right up against your wall or fence-line.

4. Petite infinity pool

If your little backyard is on a slope or a hillside, you can leverage the slope by creating the illusion the pool is bigger than it is with an infinity swimming pool design. You can have an infinity pool even with a small backyard. You just need a professional pool builder to design your pool. 

 Image: Papaya Antigua

Image: Papaya Antigua

5. Garden side pool

A free-form pool installed in your garden is a charming addition to your residence. By incorporating natural elements, your pool can look great even with its small size. When not in use, it can look like a pond, water feature or an artificial lake-- enchanting isn’t it?

 Image: Popular Home Interior Decoration

Image: Popular Home Interior Decoration

6. Free-form pool that emulates the shape of your background

A concrete in-ground pool is a good option for a space-saving pool in your backyard. It can copy the shape of your backyard and thus maximise the available space. As it fits tidily, no unoccupied corners are wasted.

 Image: California Pools

Image: California Pools

7. Hidden pool technology

One of the best options by far is hidden pool technology. This pool technology can transform your lawn into a pool without consuming any space. With its moveable floor, this technology can hide or reveal your pool with just a click of a button. This can be quite a pricey project, but the efficient and versatile use of space that it allows makes it worthwhile, not to mention the wow-factor!

 Image: Hidden Pools

Image: Hidden Pools

We hope these seven pool designs suited to tight spaces have inspired you to add a swimming pool to your small yard.

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