6 key features of a functional & pretty laundry

With summer now behind us, we will spend less time hanging our washing in our backyard, and more time in our laundry. We teamed up again with our friends from e&s to find out six ways to create a beautiful and functional laundry.

 Image: e&s. Photographer:  Nikole Ramsay  Styling:  Michelle Hart, Bask Interiors  Product:  Siemens Washer  WN16S741AU & Siemens Dryer T48Y780AU  

Image: e&s. Photographer: Nikole Ramsay Styling: Michelle Hart, Bask Interiors Product: Siemens Washer WN16S741AU & Siemens Dryer T48Y780AU  

1. Colour

Who says you can’t add a bit of fun to your laundry. 'It’s always nice to use a fun tile in the laundry splashback for a bit of silver lining. Follow tile trends of hand-made glazes and geometric shapes' says e&s ambassador, Romy Alwill. 'At the beginning of the year the jewel trend started to sneak into people's homes, and this jewel inspired colour palette will continue to grow in 2017. Think ruby reds, emerald greens, sapphire blues and amethyst tones', says Romy.

2. Pull-out tap

Laundry sinks are where we wash all the muddy and dirty things we accumulate and it’s never a good feeling knowing that you can’t wash it properly. A pull-down tap such as the KWC Eve Deck-mounted Kitchen Mixer is the perfect way to wash all kinds of items and wash down the sink afterwards.

3. Bench space

'Bench space is a great asset in a laundry,' says e&s ambassador, Romy Alwill. Not only will this provide you with the space to fold and sort clothes, but it provides you with the opportunity to style the laundry and give the space a bit of personality. 

 Image: e&s photoshoot. Photographer:  Nikole Ramsay  Styling:  Michelle Hart, Bask Interiors  Product:  Miele  W3831 WPS

Image: e&s photoshoot. Photographer: Nikole Ramsay Styling: Michelle Hart, Bask Interiors Product: Miele W3831 WPS

4. Washer & dryer combo

All of us want laundries, but not all of have the space for it. This is why saving space with a washer dryer combo is the best way to not only save space, but when it comes to efficiency, combo units tick boxes for both water and energy usage. e&s sells a great range of washer dryer combos such as the Bosch WVH28441AU Washer Dryer Combo.

5. Integrated cabinetry

There is a reason that we keep on seeing integrated cabinetry in kitchen, bathroom and laundries. Not only will you create the illusion of space, but you’ll showcase the beauty of consistency and tuck away anything you don’t want out on display.

6. Storage

Sports equipment, spare linen and beach gear. The laundry is the room where we store all those things that don’t really belong in any other rooms. This is why storage is key to any tidy, functional and attractive laundry. Create the ultimate storage space by including labelled boxes, a retractable clothesline and a spot for the laundry baskets.

We hope these six ideas help to guide you towards a pretty and functional laundry makeover. For more ideas check out our guide to upgrading your laundry and the five best materials for cabinetry.

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Jess Sleep is a blogger, social media coordinator and marketing assistant at e&s. With over 50 years experience, e&s live, breathe and specialise in kitchen, bathroom and laundry products. With all e&s products carefully sourced and selected, why not visit your local e&s showroom today.

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