How to choose the perfect kitchen stools

Whether you’re short on space for a dining table or you just want to create a breakfast bar for convenience, the type of kitchen stool you choose can be make or break for the practicality of your space.

Here are the key considerations to be made when shopping for kitchen stools to end up with a stylish and comfortable result.


As with all furniture choices, it's important that the stool you select will last you for a long time. You don’t want to waste your money on items that'll be easily damaged or that show wear and tear quickly, right?

Choosing a durable stool will help you save more money long term and that is why, timber, steel or plastic varieties should be included in your list of potential purchases. Timber is not only durable, it is extremely versatile and works with a variety of kitchen styles, from vintage to contemporary.

Opt for a material that you can easily remove any dirt or spills from by simply wiping the stool down with a damp cloth. It would also be ideal if the stool does not have fabric parts that absorb cooking smells and splashes from day to day use of the kitchen. If you’re going for a style with cushioning look for leather or other easy to clean durable textiles.


No doubt on-trend kitchen stools are nice to have and help to add flair and interest to a kitchen design. While no one wants their kitchen to look boring or unfashionable, at the end of the day being comfortable should be the main priority when selecting kitchen stools.

A stool with a cool style might make you want to buy it based on appearance, but you’ll quickly live to regret it later when you’re uncomfortable and struggling to enjoy your morning coffee. The style can deceive our eyes but not our body. So always test out a stool in a showroom before buying and double check the stool height will fit snuggly under your benchtop leaving plenty of leg room.

Foldable varieties are a good option for a temporary seating solution and smaller households. They occupy less space, make the stool easy to store and move, and are perfect for people with a smaller kitchen area.


Stability plays a major role in choosing the right kitchen stool, especially if you have children. There’s nothing worse than perching atop a stool feeling as though you might topple off and having to focus on keeping your balance. Check that the legs or base of the stool stays firmly on the floor and that the stool itself is weighty enough not to wobble or tip when you get on and off. Having a stable stool will make you feel at ease and can lessen the chance of children or any guests having an accident.

Adjustable styles can be a practical idea if you’re in household that includes people with vastly different heights (i.e. kids versus adults) to improve comfort at your breakfast bar. Stools with adjustable heights allow people of different heights and ages to feel stable and comfortable at your bench.


Though most bar stools don’t include arm and back rests, there are now many styles designed with backrests and armrests to provide extra support and comfort. When you’re trying out stools look out for high and low backrests, straight backs, solid backs, ladder backs, cross-backs and others to see which style you prefer and feel most comfortable in.

 Image: Relaxhouse

Image: Relaxhouse


Once you start searching you’ll come to realise there are almost endless varieties of modern designer kitchen stools to choose from online. With just a few clicks, you can explore and compare different sizes, shapes, colours, styles and materials for your kitchen stools.

Some companies even let you customise your kitchen stools where you can mix and match frame colours and cushion colours to suit your unique colour scheme.

 Image: Relaxhouse

Image: Relaxhouse

To find the right kitchen stool, you need to figure out the main purpose for the seating and check if the stool is capable for its intended purpose. Shop around with this and these other considerations in mind to find the perfect kitchen stool for you and your family.

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Simone Hayes writes for Relaxhouse furniture. Combining a love for colour and design, Relaxhouse has set out to create fresh, dynamic and above all affordable designs, accessible to all.

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