Metallic mania: DIY copper patina plant pots

Decorating with lustrous metallics and industrial textures is so hot in interior design right now.

With Dulux’s latest Design Effects Collection, it’s never been so easy or cost effective to inject rich industrial personality into your home. The new range comprises of six finishes including stainless steel, gold, metal shimmer, concrete, copper petina and copper look paints.

To help you add some shimmery metallic luxe to your place without the luxury price tag, here's a DIY step-by-step guide to create your own rustic copper patina look planters.

 Image: Styled by  Design Twins  for Dulux Design Effects Collection, Photographed by Amelia Stanwix

Image: Styled by Design Twins for Dulux Design Effects Collection, Photographed by Amelia Stanwix

How to make copper effect plant pots:

You will need: 

Dulux Copper Effect paint

Dulux Copper Petina Effect solution


Plant pot/s

Muslin rag

A small nap roller

Shallow container

Rubber glovers

Protective eye ware

Step 1. For a previously painted pot in good condition simply dust and clean before application. For an unpainted pot surface apply a coat of Dulux 1 Step Acrylic Primer Sealer Undercoat.

Step 2. Stir Dulux Copper Effect paint thoroughly prior to use.

Step 3. Before you begin, test and experiment with different application methods on a large piece of board so you achieve your desired look on the real thing.

Step 4. Apply the first coat with a small nap roller using light, even pressure. Leaving it to dry for 12 hours.

Step 5. Next, working in small sections, apply the second coat with the roller.

Step 6. While the paint is still wet, drag a paint brush across the paint in a random pattern. Overlap brushed areas to achieve an even effect. Avoid touching up.

Step 7. A third coat may be required depending on the substrate and application technique.

Note: To give your pot that awesome green patination of aged copper look, apply Dulux Copper Patina Effect (see below).

 Image: Dulux

Image: Dulux

'The key to creating a beautiful aged Copper Patina pot is layering. We started off with two coats of Copper Effect and then we applied the Copper Patina solution with a muslin cloth. And that created a really rustic feel,' says Crystal Bailey of Design Twins.

How to apply the patina effect:

Step 1. Best results are achieved if treatment begins as soon as the final coat of Dulux Copper Effect is touch dry (after approx. 2 hours) and within 12 hours of application.

Step 2. Wearing gloves and eye protection pour the patina solution into a shallow container.

Step 3. Apply the solution by brush or muslin cloth to the pot in a random pattern. The aged effect will continue to develop over days and weeks. A second coat can be applied if required.

Note: Do not apply a clear sealer as this can remove or damage the effect, especially when new. The level of patina will vary depending on drying time and application method.

And presto, you've taken your plain old plant pots from drab to aged metallic copper fab!

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Happy painting! 

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