What features are hot in home renos right now

The primary purpose of investing in a major renovation is to create a space that is unique to you and your needs. Whilst many of us prefer to be the trendsetter as opposed to the follower, it doesn’t hurt to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to home renovations and interior design.

You could blame it on the popularity of home renovation shows or the abundance of home decor ideas on Pinterest and Instagram, but creative inspiration is everywhere. It's driving more homeowners to make their properties bigger and better.

To ensure your renovation is successful, make sure you set clear objectives. Whether you want to renovate to increase living space, bring in more natural light or change the style of an existing room. It’s important to engage with a professional builder that specialises in home renos and brief them on exactly what you want to achieve. Using a new-home builder for a renovation or extension won’t afford you the same set of skills that a renovation specialist would.

If you’re looking for ways to take your project to the next level, here are the hottest trends and features in home renos.

Efficient use of space & clean lines

Most homeowners renovate to increase living space. It goes without saying then, that efficient use of space is paramount. The latest trend is to create extra space, whilst still offering pockets of privacy through well-designed corners and niches. Investors and homeowners crave spacious looking homes with plenty of storage and special hideaways to call their own. Expand upwards by investing in a roof room or attic conversion.

The appeal of clean lines comes from contemporary and minimalist inspiration. Clean and minimalist aesthetics are making their way into all areas of the home through simple shapes and unornamented facades. Think garden designs with clean-cut boundaries to define zones, bathrooms with streamlined finishes and kitchen bench tops with waterfall edges. Waterfall edges are achieved by using marble on the side and top of kitchen countertops. The marble joins at a right angle on the edge of the countertop creating a 'waterfall' effect as it falls to meet the floor.

The great outdoors

Aussies crave an outdoor area that acts as a functional living and entertaining space. One of the best ways you can add value to your home is by crafting an outdoor zone that’s practical and inviting. These spaces are being entwined with the indoors, to merge the two areas together for a seamless indoor/outdoor living experience. Features like an enclosed patio, deck area, lush landscaping, fire pit table and designated sitting zones are becoming a priority in outdoor areas.

Outdoor cooking is also going upscale. Gone are the days when a simple patio and BBQ did the trick, nowadays homeowners are going all out with backyard fire pits, pizza ovens, outdoor heaters and other luxurious outdoor features. Having a well-equipped outdoor kitchen is almost as essential these days as an indoor kitchen. Think counter and sink space, storage solutions for cooking equipment and even a fridge.

Eclectic, luxurious details

You don’t need to overspend to achieve a luxurious look. Items such as expensive tiles, and deluxe fixtures and fittings don’t add that much extra value to your home and you can easily end up overcapitalising. For tight budgets that want deluxe details, it’s important to keep your reno expenditure in line with the value of your home and suburb.

Eclectic details like mixing old with new create ‘wow factor’ and charm. Think shiny glass and steel bathroom fixtures with a clawfoot tub and granite countertops. This eclectic trend even extends to building materials by mixing and matching modern composites with recycled woods to create a warm and welcoming vibe.

Inexpensive luxurious trends include the use of crown mouldings. These are fantastic for adding a sense of elegance and character to new rooms. Terracotta tiles are also making a comeback from the 80s but replaced with shinier matte finishes for a modern Mediterranean feel. Other luxurious details are darker shades of timber flooring, window dressings with flair and hardwood finishes.

Natural & industrial appeal

The use of natural materials with an industrial appeal is taking the renovation world by storm. Oak timber and rich chocolate shades are making a comeback to help craft a space that’s cool but restful. More home buyers are seeking out the imperfect beauty, which has driven the popularity of materials that are authentic, raw and one of a kind. These materials add traditional elements of luxury and texture for visual interest and give unique character to the renovation.

To channel the industrial trend, concrete flooring and bench tops are booming in popularity especially in the bathroom. Add a concrete render feature wall or backsplash behind baths, with copper, brass and black tapware in matte finishes. Kitchen designs also work well with an industrial finish, complete with large stainless steel appliances, exposed brick and copper features.

Eco-friendly designs

To craft serene and smart spaces, homeowners are moving towards eco-friendly designs. These designs aren’t just encouraging healthier environments that reduce your carbon footprint but also work seamlessly together with organic-inspired flair and nature-orientated finishes. Homes that take on an eco-friendly design are durable and efficient. They can be easily done on a budget and add significant value to a property too.

If you want to go green with your renovation, incorporate extra insulation, invite more natural light in, utilise sustainable materials and passive design principles. For appliances, switch to ones with high energy star ratings – especially if you are doing a full kitchen and bathroom remodel.

Home is definitely where the heart is and undergoing the right renovation can make a big impact on how you use and love your space.

What trends are you eager to take advantage of for your home renovation? Let us know in the comments section below.

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This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, who writes for Stella Design & Construction – a specialised home building renovation company that focuses on high-quality house additions and renovations. You can catch her on Google+.

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