Homely wraps up AREC 2014 with huge success.

Homely receives fantastic reviews from agents and learns some valuable lessons.

3 June 2014 - Homely.com.au the revolutionary new real estate website combining Australia’s most beautiful search experience with free property listings has completed its first AREC 2014, receiving glowing reviews and learning some  valuable lessons.

With it’s first National conference now completed, Homely received some great feedback from agents who now see it as a viable alternative to the established national portals, whilst providing the best user experience of any portal across the nation.

Here are the top 5 lessons learned by Homely at AREC 2014:

1. Agents are gravitating and supporting free listings: The feedback from the Homely team has been clear that agents are appreciating the opportunity to submit free listings, which protects them from further price rises. With continued price rises from other national portals, the ability to upload free listings that doesn’t include banner ads is improving the display of their properties and keeping advertising  budgets down.

2. Agents are excited by the extra competition Homely is providing: Many agents have mentioned they feel locked in to the established portals that are limiting their exposure but feel the necessity to continue to support these portals. Feedback from AREC 2014 was that Homely is now a legitimate alternative to these national portals, and agents are now  showing their support.

3. Agents are understanding the importance of engagement: Agents constantly said that listings are one requirement, but engaging with consumers are another. The ability to engage further on conversations on the Homely platform provides a deeper tool that agents have been lacking. Previously agents have only been able to list but not engage, Homely’s reviews and Q & A platform is bringing engagement to another level.

4. Homely is supporting both national and independent offices: One of the key take aways is that Homely is supporting regions all across Australia. The ability for Homely to upload listings from multi loaders all across Australia ensures they are not limiting who can upload, with a large amount of independent offices signing up to Homely over the two days at AREC 2014. The ability for agents to demonstrate their local expertise was supported by key speaker Jordan Belfort who mentioned “The first sale is selling you are an expert” - with hundreds of agents signing up to create Local Expert Profiles on Homely.

5. Homely is revolutionizing real estate web design: Many of the comments from agents was that they loved the user experience and clean design. The noticeable difference of no banner ads and endless scrolling was very much noted, with agents saying it will drive further engagement for their listings due to the clean experience for consumers ensuring further time spent on the site for consumers.

Finally agents have overwhelmingly supported Homely. They have demonstrated their support through the submission of their listings with hundreds of offices signing up. Further to that, the national support of agents wanting free listings, and the extra competition that Homely is adding has ensured that Homely is becoming a large national portal that has gained serious momentum.

Agents can now list on Homely, for free, no matter where their office is located by filling out the form here http://agent.homely.com.au/submit-your-listings/

About Homely

Founded by Jason Spencer and Adam Spencer, Homely.com.au  is a free to list, banner-ad free real estate website that helps people find their next home. With a focus on beautiful design, community engagement and innovative marketing platforms for real estate agents, Homely.com.au helps people make better decisions about where they choose to live.

The company is based in Melbourne, Australia.

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