Homely heads west and adds 6 elite agencies.

Homely.com.au reaches tipping point in Melbourne's west.

24 July 2014-  Homely.com.au the revolutionary new real estate website combining Australia’s most beautiful search experience with free property listings, has further expanded across Victoria, with record agent sign ups from the western suburbs requesting to promote their listings.

Seen as a strong growth area of Victoria, elite companies Greg Hocking, Jas Stephens, Village Realty, Williams Real Estate, Compton Green and Sweeney Estate Agents have all joined Homely in the past few weeks, committing their listings from their offices and adding to hockingstuart’s western presence. 

CEO Jason Spencer mentioned that the feedback from clients was that they were supportive of Homely’s 100% free-to-list model and the beautiful experience it is bringing to consumers when searching for homes. 

“Agents have been very supportive of what we are trying to do. Of course it will take some time to erode major market share from the larger portals but it's exciting that our platform is now seen as a viable alternative for agents that don’t want to partake in exorbitant listing prices or feel like they are trapped with any particular portal”

Homely’s western expansion shows strong support from local and franchised offices of Australia, with Spencer mentioning that all offices are contributing to the strong momentum. “Adding offices of all sizes is incredibly important for what we offer. It’s important to remember the role local offices play in providing a  fully encompassed search experience for consumers coming to our site”

As the site continues to ramp up its presence, agents are mentioning positive feedback from the consumers they showcase it to when discussing their listing options, with its focus on clean design and no banner ads being applauded. 

Sue Seivers, CEO of Total Real Estate mentioned that since advertising her listings on Homely, and cutting back her investment in other portals, she has not seen any decrease in consumer traffic. “I am still getting the same level of consumer enquiries and I'm now in a much better financial position since pulling back from the expense of other portals” 

For offices wanting to list for free on Homely, they are able to do so by visiting http://agent.homely.com.au/submit-your-listings/

About Homely

Founded by Jason and Adam Spencer, Homely.com.au is a free to list, banner-ad free real estate website that helps people find their next home. With a focus on beautiful design, community engagement and innovative marketing platforms for real estate agents, Homely.com.au helps people make better decisions about where they choose to live. 


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